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Your home Lawn-Grass is an important part of the home’s value. The value is realized in multiple ways such as:

  • Green healthy grass is aesthetically pleasing.
  • A grass lawn provides safety for children at play and promotes sports activities.
  • Healthy grass reduces runoff and protects the soil from erosion.
  • Green grass is enjoyable to walk on, makes us feel good.
  • Healthy turf produces oxygen year round & provides cooling effects.
  • A lawn adds monetary value to your home.

A Healthy Lawn Requires Controlling Weeds

Like any investment, obtaining and keeping a healthy lawn requires on-going care. The lawn needs to kept free of excessive weeds that would otherwise overwhelm the grass. One example of an invasive weed is Japanese Stilt Grass. Unfortunately, this is an exotic grass species that did not originate in our region–therefore there is not a natural control for it. Stilt Grass is an annual weed that overwhelms and kills the desirable turf . Stilt Grass kills desirable grass by its’ sheer numbers and its’ creeping growth habit–grows over top of the desirable grass–smothering the lawn turf. Control of Stilt Grass requires prevention of its emergence and/or an early control measure after it germinates (Stilt grass seeds germinate in mid-late April, depending on soil temperature).

A Healthy Lawn Requires

Cool Season Grass, such as Tall Fescue, needs as much sunlight as possible in order to thrive. It is possible to grow grass in shady lawn areas, but the correct type of grass species is required. The best grass for shady lawns is the family of grass known as the Fine Fescues. Bio Rich Green Care now includes a blend of Fine Fescues, as well as Bluegrass and some shade tolerant Tall Fescue varieties in our Lawn Seeding operations. We believe in Diversity! A diverse mix of grass species allows the Lawn to “think for itself”–the ideal species of grass will “self-select,” as the growing conditions dictate from sun to shade areas of our home lawns. The outcome from blending several species of grass seed together is a more dense stand of Grass that can adapt to the environment.

Bio-Rich Green Care Lawn Services:

Aeration, Seeding, Fertilization, Weed Control, Mowing at proper height and Mowing schedules for optimum grass health. Compost for enhancing microbial soil life. Soil Analysis to determine and correct plant nutrient deficiencies. Tree Removal and Branch Pruning to obtain more Light for the Grass to Grow.
A Healthy Lawn is a Value-Added investment that will pay you dividends that money cannot buy. Contact Jon at Bio Rich Green Care for more information.