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Having a garden attached to the house is a fascination for almost everyone. Lawns serve various purposes. It can be used for occasions, festivals, gatherings, or just for relaxation. Having a lawn as a part of the house is also a source of energy since these lawns have a lot of plants and trees. You can soothe your racing mind just by looking at these greens. However, to make the greens in your garden grow beautifully you will need lawn fertilization Frederick. Fertilizers are the key ingredient that will help the trees and plants in your garden to grow.

What to Check before Selection

Fertilizers are the ingredients that will help your garden to look lusher, greener, and healthier. All kinds of fertilizers are not made for all kinds of soils. While fertilizers are the most essential for lawn seeding Gaithersburg, you will have to select the right fertilizers if you want the trees and plants on your lawn to grow. Here are the three basic things that you need to look into while selecting a fertilizer for your lawn.

1. Testing the Soil

Lawn fertilization Frederick is the most important thing that you will have to do if you want the plants and trees on your lawn to have healthy growth. Testing the soil is the first and the most essential thing that you will have to do before picking the right fertilizer for your lawn. You can do this through a testing kit or a soil tester.

2. Check the Lawn

There can be bugs and weeds on the lawn. These might prevent the healthy growth of your plants. Knowing the kind of grass on your lawn is therefore extremely important. Selecting a lawn that fights various lawn problems is a must. It will help to treat the soil.

3. Fertilizer Requirements

Not every lawn needs every type of fertilizer. Fertilizers are composed of three main ingredients. These are; potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous. See which one your lawn needs and then select the fertilizer accordingly.


The right fertilizer helps in the growth of plants. Similarly, the wrong ones kill them. Therefore, you need to choose one that suits your lawn.