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Interested in Adding or replacing a Patio or Walkway?

Here’s Bio Rich Green Care’s insight on using Pavers vs. Textured Concrete:

Paver Patios and Walkways:

A quality-built Paver Patio is an investment in your property that will last for decades. Pavers offer a variety of contrasts with varying sizes and colors of the blocks.  Patterns can be included as part of the paver patio or walkway design. A Border using a contrasting color and different size of the paver defines the walkway or patio edge, and/or provides an attractive design that will be pleasing to look at and complement the color and architecture of the home as well as garden features.  Bio Rich Green Care constructs patios and walkways using high quality materials that are manufactured locally in Frederick, MD.  The color in the pavers from our supplier is true all the way through the block. Some products from local big- box stores are only coated with color, and therefore, the color will fade over time.  Also, lesser quality pavers don’t have the hardness or durability that is required to properly cut, fit, and tamp the pavers during construction process and usage.  Pavers supplied by Bio Rich Green Care are guaranteed for quality and workmanship. Conversely, we have some customers who want to supply their own pavers, which we cannot guarantee to hold up, but we try to work with our customers in all circumstances.  Here are some potential problems and solutions for paver patios and walkways:  The growth of weeds in between pavers, esp. in full sun applications, is very frustrating.  During Paver installation–Bio Rich Green Care seals the seams between all pavers with polymeric sand, which, in most cases prevents weeds from emerging.  If you have a patio with a weed problem, we can offer a solution by power-washing, treating the existing weeds and applying a pre-emergent weed control product, then re-applying the polymeric sand.  Paver patios and walkways improperly constructed or with drainage or tree-roots will sink, raise up or become uneven.  Bio Rich Green Care paver projects take into consideration runoff from the home’s downspouts and other drainage issues—these are addressed with piping and/or French drainage techniques prior to construction.  Tree roots also present a problem.  We recommend cutting the tree roots prior to construction—this is done with our stump grinder—as far out as is safe for the tree.  Our paver projects utilize a minimum of 4” CR-6 Gravel that is machine packed for the base, followed by 1+” of stone dust that is also machine packed. These materials blend to provide a strong base that is permeable, yet stable over the long haul.  The edge of a paver walkway or patio must be supported by a high-grade plastic or metal edger.  We use UV stable paver edging that can be conformed to curves. This product is secured by 6”-10” spikes, spaced every 1-2’ depending on the shape and grade.  After installation of the pavers/edger—the outer edge can either be mulched over as a landscape bed or be covered with topsoil and sod laid in.  Bio Rich Green Care pays great attention to the construction details along with quality materials—these attributes makes for lasting, functional and aesthetically pleasing projects for our customers.


Textured Concrete Patios, Landings and Walkways:

If you have an existing cement Walkway, Front door landing or cement Patio—chances are, it’s a smooth finish—possibly with stains, it may be weathered, not level or cracked.  Sometimes front landings have pulled away from the home foundation or rodents have burrowed underneath leaving a gaping hole, causing water intrusion into the basement.  Bio Rich Green Care provides new and replacement concrete patios, landings and walkways utilizing Textured/Colored Cement.   Cement [concrete] is a material that provides an enduring surface—Bio Rich Green Care makes it attractive using special stamping process to create the appearance of natural flagstone squares and rectangles.  Color is blended into the concrete prior to pouring.  Concrete lasts a very long time, requires minimal care and can be adapted for various situations and topography.  Typically, a textured cement patio or walkway will be slightly less expensive than a paver project because grading issues can be addressed as part of the design, which may include a small retaining wall as part of the pour.  We use 4000psi concrete—which provides high strength and an enduring surface that can handle weathering and traffic for the long haul.  In preparation for the cement pour, a base of CR-6 or CR-8 (larger size) gravel is applied with 4-6” thickness, this is then graded out and machine packed. We install Concrete wire and rebar to keep the concrete stable and prevent cracking.  Depending on the length and width of the project, stress cuts are made in the slab to provide relief as the cement expands and contracts with weather changes.  It is important to note that Bio Rich Green Care also considers the sub-grade beneath the concrete—drainage away from the home and continual flow of water away from the concrete is critical for longevity.  For patios and walkways, we use a depth of 4” concrete—the color is added to the batch of cement and thoroughly mixed prior to the pour—therefore the color is throughout the cement, not just surface applied.  Surfaces for autos or other heavy equipment may require additional thickness of 5-6”. Thinking ahead and planning for future needs in terms of electric outlets, lighting, communication cables or water pipes are important considerations prior to the pour—we want to discuss with you what may be needed in terms of conduit or pipes for present or future needs.   Best to get the pipe in now, especially before pouring cement!  However, if you have a need to modify and/or install piping through existing cement or asphalt surfaces—we can help with these projects by cutting or drilling through existing cement/asphalt, installing pipe, then re-applying the hard surface.

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